The Soul of the City of Angels

The Inglewood Park Cemetery Story

For over 100 years, Inglewood Park Cemetery has been a significant and integral part of the Los Angeles community, the Soul of the City of Angels. Set in the very heart of the city, Inglewood Park Cemetery is a place where you’ll be proud to say “I work here.”

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Diverse Cultures

Inglewood Park Cemetery reflects all the many cultures and voices that have graced the Los Angeles community for more than a century, each bringing new richness to our city and to our special place in the center of it. With compassion and respect, we have served people from all walks of life including actors, politicians, athletes, soldiers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs from every race, creed and origin.

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Permanent Residents

Inglewood Park Cemetery, has buried or cremated a virtual who-was-who from the worlds of music, politics, sports, entertainment, and civic leaders. Indeed, you’ll marvel at the impressive list of “permanent residents,” which signifies that those who have selected Inglewood Park Cemetery as their final resting place have chosen wisely.

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