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You may be surprised to find that the best place to grow your career is at Inglewood Park Cemetery. You’re not alone. Many of our prized employees never expected to work at a cemetery. But here, at preeminent cemeteries in Southern California, they’ve found careers that are more than a job but a passion. As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to find your career path while making a difference…helping families and becoming part of ours.

The Inglewood Park Cemetery Story

As undoubtedly one of most admired cemetery’s on the West Coast, Inglewood Park Cemetery continues to build on its legacy each and every day. And that happens because of the commitment shown by our 250+ team members. From those that have been here for over 40 years to those who just recently joined our ranks. Because of their incredible dedication, effort and attitude, Inglewood Park Cemetery continues to move forward with no end in sight.

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The Culture at Inglewood Park Cemetery

Why do our employees love working here? It’s our amazing people, their diverse backgrounds, and a corporate culture of support that create a working environment like no other.

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Personal Rewards

At the end of the day, it’s more than a paycheck. Working here gives our employees, regardless of position or title, the satisfaction that comes from being of service to others.

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Inclusiveness at Inglewood Park Cemetery

Ours is a place of extraordinary diversity, of faiths, traditions, identities and origins. We reflect Southern California’s rich ethnic tapestry through our employees, our events, our services and products, all part of what makes Inglewood Park Cemetery truly remarkable.

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We believe in investing in the people who make us great. Our employee benefits packages are surprisingly competitive and rewarding.

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